What We Do


Consultative services are provided to students and families at any point in the college application process. We offer counseling and strategies with regard to academic and extracurricular planning, standardized testing, individualized college lists, college visits, interviews and advising on written responses.

Specifically, our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Identify goals and set expectations

  • Evaluate current transcripts

  • Offer guidance for high school courses

  • Explore and encourage extracurricular activities

  • Review summer plans

  • Recommend standardized test planning and score reporting strategies

  • Suggest specialized tutors for standardized test preparation

  • Introduce and explain the Common Application

  • Provide guidance on all college supplements

  • Brainstorm essay topics, provide detailed feedback and work to support the development of written responses that showcase each student’s unique voice and individual talents

  • Develop and refine individualized college list

  • Advise on resume content and formatting

  • Consult on individualized materials for special interests, i.e. sports, music, art

  • Assist with college visit planning

  • Prepare students for college interviews

  • Provide strategic advice on application options

  • Discuss protocol for teacher letters of recommendation

  • Work collaboratively to make final college choices